How Do I Choose an Appropriate Pool Heating System

Pool heating systemSwimming pools are a great investment and can add so much value to your family time. They are also great for entertainment especially on weekends and public holidays. However, in colder seasons like winter, it is almost impossible to swim in unheated pool. It is therefore of importance that you have a pool heating system installed to ensure that you and your family enjoy swimming throughout the year. One question that you should find an answer to before finalizing on your purchase decision is – How do I choose an appropriate pool heating system?

In the market today, there are different types of pool heating systems each with its own pros and cons. Discussed below are the main types:

Solar Pool Heating System

A solar pool heating system is a fantastic choice if you do not need to swim the entire year because it makes use of the free energy from the sun to heat your pool. Your energy bills will be very minimal when using solar heating systems however you will not be able to swim during colder months. When the system is working, it automatically shuts down when the desired temperature is attained.

Gas Pool Heating System

These heating systems are a perfect choice for homeowners who want a pool heating system which delivers heat 100 percent dependably and predictably. Gas pool heating systems can be controlled by timer, thermostat or even by hand. They use a pump and a filter to take water from the swimming pool, heat it and then return it. They offer pooling heating solutions at reasonable cost.

Electric Pool Heating

Electric pool heating systems commonly referred to as heat pumps. They are a good choice for homeowners who want to enjoy swimming experience all-round the year. They work effectively only that they consume a lot of power. However, when you work with a professional HVAC company, they can advise you accordingly on the best practice to ensure that your heat pump runs efficiently and saves you on energy costs.

Choosing a Pool Heating System

When scouting for a pool heating system for your pool, it is of utmost importance that you consider both short term and long term energy costs. Though a solar system scores highly when it comes to utility costs, it is not 100 percent dependable especially on colder months. However, to leverage on days that your solar heating system will not be functioning, you can invest in a backup small heat pump or gas heating system. Irrespective of your choice of a pool heating system, make sure that you employ the services of an established and reputable HVAC company to do the job.

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