Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Fixing Common Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioner is an indispensible equipment in your home. However, from time to time your AC unit can develop problems that can affect its efficiency. Some of these air conditioner problems are things you can fix on your own while there are those that require the help of a professional HVAC technician.

AC Failing to Run

Modern air conditioning units are high quality products and as such don’t easily breakdown. If your AC stops working, it’s important you check the fuses and circuit breakers first before concluding that the system has completely failed. Let your unit cool down for about 5 minutes and then reset the circuit breakers.

Another potential cause of air conditioner failing to run when turned on is a thermostat that is not set properly. Adjust the thermostat by lowering it by 5 degrees and see whether it starts running. If none of the above fixes the problem, the compressor or the motor might be the problem. You will thus need to contact a reliable HVAC contractor immediately.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, either it leaks or it was undercharged at installation. If the problem is because of leaks, adding refrigerant won’t be the solution. A qualified and competent technician should fix the leaks and then charge the unit with the correct amount of refrigerant. It’s worth noting that the performance and efficiency of your AC system is at its best when the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specifications; not undercharged or overcharged.

Air Conditioner Malfunctioning

If you allow air filters and coils to accumulate dirt, dust and other debris, then the air conditioner will not work properly. As a matter of fact, this can lead to fans and compressors failing prematurely. It’s therefore of paramount importance to ensure that the filters and the coils are cleaned on a regular basis.

Sensor Problems

Room air conditioning systems usually have a thermostat sensor that measures the temperature of the air entering the evaporator coil. If this sensor is knocked out of position, your AC will start behaving erratically. To fix this, simply adjust the position of the sensor by cautiously bending the wire that holds it in the right place.

Air Conditioner Shuts On and Off Repeatedly

If your system keeps on going on and off, there might be a problem with the condenser coil or the evaporator coil. Blocked and dirty condenser and evaporator coils can affect the functioning of the entire unit. You therefore need to clean the coils thoroughly and remove any obstruction. This will eliminate the problem.

When to Call a HVAC Technician

If you have done basic troubleshooting of your air conditioner and the problem still persists, it’s time to call a qualified and skilled HVAC contractor in your locality.

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